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    You want quality, reliability and fast delivery : entrust your project to a team of experienced translators. Renowned for its meticulous work and thoroughness, our firm calls on an international team of seasoned experts.
    3GTranslations offers you the skills of translators working essentially into their mother tongue and guarantees you the stylistic refinement of your documents as well as a completion deadline adapted to your needs.
    For you, direct contact and clear communication are essential, so no doubt we can work together. With 3GTranslations, you benefit from personalized follow-up and a single point of contact, from day one to delivery.
    Opt for reliability and efficiency, precision and expertise, personalized contact and flexibility!


    Mission & Quality

    • Driven by passion and performance
    • Translation is defined as the enunciation in another language (target language) of what has been spoken in a language (source language) adapting or maintaining semantics and stylistic equivalences. (Larousse)
    • An excellent translation is defined by its fidelity to the content. Language is key, but so is content.
    • 3GTranslations offers general and specialized translation, proofreading, editing, and localization services
    • Quality control process: translation - QA - QC – validation - delivery.
    • An estimate will be given to you on request, within 24 hours and without obligation on your part.
    • Communication is key. Understanding your needs and expectations is a must.
    • Because our mission statement is to make our clients happy, we aim for top quality standards. Simply good is not good enough for us. We aim for the very best, and with top professional translators, we aim at meeting your soundest requirements, whatever the niche sector or specific topic. Quality in terms of both content and language skills is 100% guaranteed thanks to a team of native professionals.
    • One client, one translator!
    • We rely on a team of experts and value a smooth and clean communication with our translators to make sure you keep a familiar style and continuity in the tone of voice of your projects. You will be assigned the same linguist who knows your preferences, terminology and wording style. Be 100% sure that the utmost care will be given to your content and you/your audience will benefit from consistent quality.

    Our Services

    3GTranslations offers general and specialized translation services. We translate your texts, documents and presentations in the following areas:

    Dedicated Expertise At Your Service!

    Dedicated Expertise At Your Service!

    • 3GTranslations has been founded in 2012 by Geneviève Ghenne.
    • Professional and specialized translator, Geneviève holds a Master in Translations obtained from one of the most prestigious organization in Brussels, ILMH in 1994. She specialized in technical, engineering, scientific and medical translation.
    • She then obtained her degree in Business Administration, Institut DeLil, Brussels.Specialized in the Business, marketing and PR/Advert/commercial fields.
    • Legal Translator sworn by the Belgian State. Specialized in legal matters.
    • Member of the Chamber of Translators, Interpreters and Philologists of Belgium.
    • 15 Years experience as an international communications programme manager and translator for prestigious multinationals and industry leaders, with excellent references and performances. Results- and performances-driven. More than 20 years of experience in translation in multicultural environments constitute an undeniable asset at your service.
    • Various certificates issued by the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing UK (PR, Marketing Comms, Advertising, Events, Incentives, Press releases).